Bonnie and Allan would like to proudly introduce their son
Harrison Gabriel Spurr

Bonnie waiting quietly before the trip to the OR

Harrison was born Tuesday morning, December 20, 2005 at 11:23 A.M. He weighed in at 7 pounds and 5 ounces and was 19 inches long.

Allan all ready for his important job in the delivery process, staying out of the way ;-)

Harrison in all his glory

Bonnie and Al would like to thank Dr. Thomas O'Malley M.D. and Dr. Francine Katz M.D. for the delivery, Nurse Anesthesia team Jen Esperitu & Kim Baron, Nurse Practitioner Denise Ellison Bauer for catching Harrison as the Drs. delivered him, and for taking care of everything and everyone during the whole delivery thanks to our prep Nurse Jamie Owens and Scrub nurse Tamica Edwards RNC.

12/21/05   Since Harrison was a scheduled C-section and may have been a little early he has to spend a few days in the NICU. Thanks to Dr. Ara S. Moomjian, M.D.,F.A.A.P. for rushing up to the delivery room and giving him the tender care he deserves. He told Bonnie and I that he was a fighter and he has had to sedate him to keep him from pulling out his tubes and IVs. I can already attest to the power of his voice, MANY sleepness nights to come I am sure.

12/24/05   Harrison is progressing nicely. The doctors put him on a CPAP, which is like a cannula in the nose but has more pressure to help him breath. Since he was full term and very strong other than having immature lungs he was fighting it to much and developed a pneumothorax (punctured lungs). They decided to intubate him and keep him sedated although he is breathing on his own with just a little push from the ventilator. He has been resting much more comfortably and his lungs healed very quickly. All of his stats and xrays have turned the corner and are looking better day-by-day. They hope to begin taking him off the ventilator after the weekend once his lungs can do everything on their own.

12/25/05   Well, here is is Christmas morning and the first day of Chanukah and we have Bonnie home and everyone is excited to open their presents. It was tough last night coming home without Harrison but we all know it will only be a short time before he can rejoin the family. He received a little blood yesterday to help him along, Bonnie tells me he has the same blood type as me, A+ while she and Rachel are O+. He is still under the lights and I think he is getting a tan :-) The kids helped me bake cookies last night, so after they open presents and finish decorating the cookies, I think I will take some over to the NICU for the staff that is doing such a wonderful job of taking care of our little guy.

12/26/05   Looks like Harrison is making great progress. They took him off the ventilator and extubated him and he is only receiving Oxygen from a cannula. We still can't hold him until they take out his arterial line but it looks like that will be soon.

12/27/05   Great news, the number of tubes and lines is going down everyday now. They removed his arterial line and he is no longer getting any extra Oxygen but doing it all on his own. His labs look great and they are starting to feed him some of moms stored milk through his NG tube. Bonnie Ben and I went to visit him late in the morning and since he was doing better they said Bonnie could try and feed him. Ben got to be the first family member to hold his little brother, a special treat for him for sure. We all got a chance and then Mom decided to stay the afternoon and hold him since no one could before. Harrison loves to be held and falls asleep while he is being cuddled, we may have to spoil him for a few weeks until he gets more comfortable being alone. Mom fed him a few times but it will take a little while to get used to it.

12/28/05   Harrison is now completely on his own with no tethers at all. At this point the doctors just want to monitor him for eating and other bodily functions before they send him home. Bonnie went down at noon to feed him but the little guy just likes to sleep, lets hope he doesn't have his days and nights mixed up. Mom stayed with him all day until 6:00 pm. She said they had to completely undress him and turn on bright lights to wake him up enough to feed. His current weight is down to 7 lbs 2 oz so they want to see him put a little back on before he is discharged.

12/29/05   Mom got up at 5:00 AM today to go in for his morning feeding. The nurses have said he is most active in the early morning. Bonnie would like to get in at least two feedings and then see what the doctors say about letting him go. She said, as long as she can keep him awake he feeds quite well but he gets very comfortable and naps while she trys to feed him. He still likes very much to be cuddled and I am sure we will have plenty of volunteers.


Harrison has come home

That's right, the doctors said he was just too darn health to stay in the hospital so they sent him home with us at 7PM. May the sleepless nights begin.


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